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  • Chigo integrated shower screen-one for the whole house to produce hot water for one second


    The approaching of the Spring Festival is also the shore of the cold wave. As the temperature gets lower and lower, the weather is getting colder! In this cold winter, everyone's greatest enjoyment is definitely to take a warm and comfortable hot bath at home after a busy day. Winter can be said to be the most frequent season of water heaters! Home kitchen and bathroom are inseparable from hot water! With the continuous development of the times and the continuous advancement of technology, people's requirements for water heaters are becoming higher and higher. Traditional water heaters can no longer meet the needs of people in the new era. Integrated shower screens came into being and conquered the market with their powerful advantages! The so-called integrated shower screen is actually an innovative product based on the advantages of traditional electric water heaters. It can effectively make the home more secure, use hot water more efficiently and achieve personalized customization t

  • Why is the integrated water heater "Ba" screen bathroom decoration?


    In recent years, with the improvement of people's quality of life, the pursuit of elements such as the safety and fashion of home improvement has also increased day by day. As the key area for decoration, how to "hide" the large water storage bucket into the overall design of the kitchen and bathroom has become a difficult point for home decoration. The birth of the Chigo integrated shower screen breaks through the bottleneck of home improvement, saves the overall cost of decoration and bathroom procurement costs, and improves the bathroom space level and hot water comfort. It is understood that the traditional industrial design of the water heater is simple and large, which is incompatible with the modern and simple home decoration style, breaking the overall sense of the decoration design, and the wall installation is only relying on a few expansion screws for fixing, which is very likely to cause safety accidents. , Become a hidden danger to the family's healthy life. and

  • What should I do if the integrated water heater shower nozzle is blocked?


    After the sprinkler is used for a long time, it is easy to be blocked due to water quality and quality. Many people do not know what to do. The following editor will share with you the treatment method of the clogging of the sprinkler. 1 Use acupuncture. If some small holes in your shower are blocked, let the water drain first and see that the holes are blocked. Then you have to open the shower head of the shower and see that this shower head like a lotus head has many small holes. This is where the water comes out. Then we first prepare a needle, and then use the needle to pierce the impurities in the perforation until the hole is free of impurities. This method is the most direct, but be careful to prick the shower hole! 2 Soak in vinegar If your shower head is blocked for a long time, and a large number of holes are blocked

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