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  • Visit Chigo | City Government and "Finance" Focus on Foshan Manufacturing Breakthrough


    In order to understand the situation of Foshan's manufacturing industry, find out the advantages of Foshan's manufacturing industry and summarize the breakthrough experience of Foshan's manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading. On November 7, Chen Lijian, Vice Chairman of the Foshan Federation of Industry and Commerce, accompanied Zhang Yandong, executive editor of Caijing magazine and president of Caijing think tank, and Xu Zhaoyuan, director of the Research Office of the

  • Still installing electric water heater? Learn about integrated electric water heaters?


    After more than ten years of development, the technology of electric water heaters has continuously improved. The industry has successively produced innovative products such as anti-electric walls, anti-electric gates, 3D rapid heating, frequency conversion and capacity expansion. Continuous improvement has been made in other aspects, and market sales have continued to grow over the years.Advantages and disadvantages of traditional electric water heatersAdvantages: high safety performance and cl

  • What is the integrated water heater


    Today, the editor of Chigo Integrated Water Heater deliberately conducted a market survey in order to create a special topic called . Is your home using a burning water heater? Is there a big bucket hanging in your bathroom? In today's increasingly fierce competition in the home appliance market, the variety of water heaters is complex and diverse, radishes and vegetables have their own love No matter what kind of water heater, everyone's favorite is different or you enjoy the fun of was

  • What are the disadvantages of the popular integrated water heaters today


    The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and bathing has become a must do every day. It is still necessary to be a fragrant girl, but just recently there was a problem with the water heater at home, and the water tank was a bit rusty. Doesn't this affect my beauty bath, so I plan to change it. Haier, Midea, Chigo and other brands are within my consideration. After comparing the cost performance, listening to the suggestions of colleagues around me, I chose the Chigo integrated water heater

  • Why is the integrated water heater nickel blonde hot body good


    Chigo integrated nickel water heaters have good mechanical, physical and chemical properties. Adding appropriate elements can improve its oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature strength and improve certain physical properties. The three-way anti-electric wall technology of the water heater integrates the heater and the anti-electric wall to make the heater never leak electricity.In addition to ensuring the safety of the user of the water heater, this technology can also eff

  • Bath and shower essential artifact integrated water heater


    At present, the concept of no integration, no home has begun to penetrate into consumer demand. From 30 years ago, there is a place where you can take a bath, 20 years ago, just take a bath at home, 10 years ago, safe, multi-channel water supply, the current safe, large water volume, space saving And then to the future safe, beautiful, space-saving, comfortable and large amount of water, every upgrade of the water heater is confirming a constant truth: future trends will replace the advantages o

  • Installation method and steps of integrated water heater


    Installation method and steps of integrated water heater:The integrated water heater must be installed by a qualified electrician or professional installation technician. Before installation, please carefully check whether the power meter, power cord path, fuse, and the circuit leading to the integrated water heater are equipped with power switches. Ensure that the above devices can meet the needs of the rated current and voltage of the water heater. When the power cord is not long enough or dam

  • Plan battle firepower, Chigo integrated water heater to grasp the fighting opportunity


    In the battle of market operations, asymmetry, uncertainty, and opacity are the elements that we must carefully use. Everyone who has been engaged in business management for a long time knows that asymmetry, uncertainty, and opacity are objective existences. If used well, they can bring generous gains. If used poorly, they can bring huge losses. Can only follow the waves.We must study asymmetry, uncertainty and opacity if we want to plan combat firepower and grasp the timing of combat. Asymmetry

  • Chigo integrated water heater is better than traditional water heater


    Bathing is something that people have to do every day. On the one hand, bathing is a performance that loves cleanliness. If you want to go deeper, taking a beautiful hot bath can release the fatigue of the day, increase blood circulation, help sleep and so on.So when it comes to taking a bath, the water heater is essential. There are many types of water heaters on the market. Today, Xiaobian will show you their advantages and disadvantages from an objective perspective!1. SecurityChigo integrate

  • Warmly celebrate the "Chigo Integrated Shower Screen National Merchants Association (Guangdong Station)" a complete success!


    Chigo Group is very optimistic about the prospect of integrated bathroom, and launched a new project of Chigo integrated shower screen. Lead the smart bathroom industry with a growth rate of more than 200%.In 2019, the Chigo Group relies on years of technology accumulation to continuously develop a smarter, safer, and more beautiful Chigo integrated shower screen. Lead a new life of healthy showers.Chigo integrated shower screens are developing rapidly, and dealers and end users are increasing.

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