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Visit Chigo | City Government and "Finance" Focus on Foshan Manufacturing Breakthrough

In order to understand the situation of Foshan's manufacturing industry, find out the advantages of Foshan's manufacturing industry and summarize the breakthrough experience of Foshan's manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading. On November 7, Chen Lijian, Vice Chairman of the Foshan Federation of Industry and Commerce, accompanied Zhang Yandong, executive editor of Caijing magazine and president of Caijing think tank, and Xu Zhaoyuan, director of the Research Office of the Ministry of Industry of the State Council Development Research Center, to the Zhigao Group to conduct a visit to investigate the manufacturing industry The current situation of the company's operation, obstacles to finding new models, etc.


▲ Chen Lijian, Vice Chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, and other research groups


▲ The research team visited the Chigo product exhibition hall

At the research meeting, the leaders of the Chigo and the research team discussed the implementation of government support policies, enterprise transformation, enterprise financing, brand building and other work.


In recent years, Chigo has comprehensively accelerated the upgrading of informatization and accelerated the deployment of intelligent manufacturing. Among them, smart health products with Chigo's intelligent integrated shower screen as the core have achieved major breakthroughs.

In today's increasingly concerned about food safety, environmental safety, etc., Zhigo insight into market development, integration of intelligent equipment and water heating technology, developed a new generation of intelligent integrated water heater-Zhigo integrated shower screen.

"Chigo integrated shower screen" integrates intelligence, safety, separation of water and electricity, instant hot, 3 seconds water output, memory constant temperature, energy saving 50%, healthy health and other advantages of new smart water heaters, leading the water heater market into a new era of living water showers.

In just a few years, with its huge brand influence, excellent product quality and well-known after-sales service, Chigo integrated shower screen quickly occupied the integrated water heater market and became a 100 million family health shower butler.


According to Li Xinghao, the founder of Chigo, "As long as the manufacturing industry holds the belief of winning, we have the courage to stand on the world's top stage and compete with the world's top brands to achieve the great dream of a world-class enterprise!"

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