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Still installing electric water heater? Learn about integrated electric water heaters?

After more than ten years of development, the technology of electric water heaters has continuously improved. The industry has successively produced innovative products such as anti-electric walls, anti-electric gates, 3D rapid heating, frequency conversion and capacity expansion. Continuous improvement has been made in other aspects, and market sales have continued to grow over the years.


Advantages and disadvantages of traditional electric water heaters

Advantages: high safety performance and clean energy. Can provide multiple water supply. It can be used not only for showers and bathtubs, but also for washing and washing vegetables. Installation is relatively simple and easy to use.

Disadvantages: The water storage bucket is large in size, easy to fall off due to wall-mounted and semi-ceiling installation, occupying a large space, and easy to feel depressed.



Advantages: It has many advantages such as being able to turn on and heat, saving time and electricity, energy saving and environmental protection, small size, constant water temperature and so on. The core of the high-quality instant electric water heater is the key of the instant electric heater technology, which determines the performance and safety of the water heater.

Disadvantages: relatively high power, high line requirements: general power requirements are at least 6KW or more, and in winter it is 8KW power. It is difficult to ensure that there is enough hot water for bathing. The power cord requires at least 2.5 square meters or more, and some requires more than 5 square meters.

New electric water heater (integrated water heater)

Chigo integrated water heater-no need to hang on the wall, safe, beautiful and space saving, is a revolutionary product in the water heater industry! Lead the revolution in the water heater industry from single functionalization to integrated home development! It subverts the perception that ordinary water heaters are like "big buckets" and "wall-mounted", so that the "large buckets" of water heaters "disappear" in the bathroom, giving you a truly "five-star hotel" bathroom: safe, beautiful, Save space!


Summary: The integrated water heater is an upgraded product of the traditional electric water heater, which retains the excellent quality of the traditional electric water heater and improves the defects of the traditional installation. New home decoration, choose integrated water heater, give you a different hot water enjoyment!

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