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What is the integrated water heater

Today, the editor of Chigo Integrated Water Heater deliberately conducted a market survey in order to create a special topic called "". Is your home using a burning water heater? Is there a big bucket hanging in your bathroom? In today's increasingly fierce competition in the home appliance market, the variety of water heaters is complex and diverse, "radishes and vegetables have their own love" No matter what kind of water heater, everyone's favorite is different or you enjoy the fun of washing "old water" Water heaters are gradually being replaced by water collectors. Through interviews with editors, nearly 70% of users use integrated water heaters at home, and only 30% use traditional water heaters. Many users think that integrated water heaters should be: high safety, health, environmental protection, energy saving, and 70 % Of users are using Chigo integrated water heaters. Chigo integrated water heaters are highly safe. That's because he conducts heat and separates water and electricity. The heating element material of the integrated water heater is made of GE material imported from Germany. The strong insulator ensures that it is not conductive. Once again, it is the electric coil of the circuit board. When it encounters leakage, it immediately cuts off the work with the machine; No wires; Chigo integrated water heaters promote health and environmental protection.

The integrated water heater is constant temperature hot water, live water, bathing to avoid dead water bathing, the integrated water heater uses oscillating heat conduction heating technology, so that scale can not be formed, which can bring more healthy bathing enjoyment. The Chigo integrated water heater also has a massage function, with a foot reflexology step on the energy-saving plate, massage feet to stimulate the acupuncture points of the foot, and health care. Now people have a strong concept of diet and health. With this function, you do n’t need to go outside to do foot therapy Run away, because this "smart foot therapist" can help you. You can also do foot therapy at home later.

Third, the “Four Provinces Law” saves time, space, water and money. The integrated water heater is turned on and hot, and the hot water is discharged in 3 seconds. There is no need to wait for bathing. When you want to wash, you can wash it whenever you like, without restrictions;

Space saving, no big barrel is required for installing the integrated water heater, and the wiring requirements for the wiring of the home are not high. The 2.5 square meters of wiring can be installed as you want. It can be installed as you like, leaking or dark lines, and does not occupy any space;

Save money, 1 yuan can take 5 baths, which water heater can save money like this? 0.2 yuan for the second bath. Water saving, Chigo integrated hot water showers include top spray, side spray and hand shower. The size of the top spray shower is 12 inches or 14 inches, and the water flow * can go to 8-14L. The handheld shower is a pure copper shower with a microphone. Only the vortex supercharger design has a massage effect and is very comfortable. It seems that the "Four Provinces Law" is quite popular among users. Many users are really saving because of Chigo's integrated water heaters. It is really environmentally friendly, restores the environment of blue sky and clear water, and benefits people.

"Luxury home? Know more about love" is the concept of Chigo integrated water heaters. Chigo integrated water heaters not only achieve high-end technical and advanced scientific concepts, but also devote themselves to creating a green life for the Chinese, health and environmental protection, energy saving, safety, Chigo integration The water heater is the real integrated water heater.

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