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What are the disadvantages of the popular integrated water heaters today

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and bathing has become a must do every day. It is still necessary to be a fragrant girl, but just recently there was a problem with the water heater at home, and the water tank was a bit rusty. Doesn't this affect my beauty bath, so I plan to change it. Haier, Midea, Chigo and other brands are within my consideration. After comparing the cost performance, listening to the suggestions of colleagues around me, I chose the Chigo integrated water heater I am still anxious while waiting for my separate balcony water heater. I am afraid I will not buy it well. What if there is a problem if it is not used for a few days?

In fact, I was still very firm when buying, after all, Chigo integrated water heater has 8 major advantages:

1. Enjoy as you like. Unlimited time and number of people, massive hot water shower 2. Healthy enjoyment. Sterile living water / purified soft water / antibacterial liner leads a healthy bath style 3. Comfortable enjoyment. Constant temperature, constant pressure, refreshing and good water, enjoy the family private spa 4. Safe enjoyment. Isolate all hidden dangers, 360 ° intimate protection 5. Instant enjoyment. The shower comes with hot water, zero waiting for bath 6. Smart enjoyment. Intelligent things, create a smart home life 7. Save enjoyment. Energy-saving, time-saving and space-saving, enjoy a beautiful life 8. Enjoy for a long time. Aerospace quality ingenuity, long-lasting companionship

As soon as Chigo's integrated water heater arrived home, I couldn't wait to turn on my water heater and found someone to help me install it, so I was relieved, so I began to pack up my excitement and share with you my joy, Of course, it is also to let more girls who love beauty like me take a beauty bath every day!

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