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Bath and shower essential artifact integrated water heater

At present, the concept of "no integration, no home" has begun to penetrate into consumer demand. From 30 years ago, "there is a place where you can take a bath", 20 years ago, "just take a bath at home", 10 years ago, "safe, multi-channel water supply", the current "safe, large water volume, space saving" And then to the future "safe, beautiful, space-saving, comfortable and large amount of water", every upgrade of the water heater is confirming a constant truth: future trends will replace the advantages of existing products.

An essential artifact for bathing and showering, if you buy it, it will greatly improve the happiness of life and stay away from safety worries-integrated water heater.

The editor thinks that the most important thing is that there is no need to worry about the accident of falling the water heater, and there will be no exposure of the pipeline. The gas water heater is not reassuring. The family is afraid of breathing carbon monoxide. And, after the gas water heater is turned on, the hot water must be sent to the bathroom, before a lot of cold water has to be wasted ~~~~~

Presumably many people have heard of it, but few families will install integrated water heaters, because in the traditional concept, there are always people who think that integrated water heaters are afraid of being broken and not easy to repair, or they are too expensive, and no one will install them. In fact, these are not problems. Compared with the situation that traditional water heaters are easy to drop, occupy space, and are not beautiful, integrated water heaters rarely have quality problems. Integrated water heaters have begun to spread in China. Some high-end hotels / apartments also specify to install.

Load-bearing problem: integrated water heater does not hang on the wall, no need to worry about the hollow wall being weak. At present, many buildings use light-weight building materials such as hollow bricks when selecting materials, which greatly affects the load-bearing capacity of the wall. The lightest water tank has reached more than 200 kg, which has very high requirements on the load-bearing capacity of the wall. The integrated water heater is very convenient to install. Just like a bathroom cabinet, as long as a socket is reserved, it is very mobile and can be placed anywhere. Compared with solar water heaters and air energy water heaters, integrated water heaters save more space. Especially nowadays, every square meter is hard to come by now! !

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