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Plan battle firepower, Chigo integrated water heater to grasp the fighting opportunity

In the battle of market operations, asymmetry, uncertainty, and opacity are the elements that we must carefully use. Everyone who has been engaged in business management for a long time knows that asymmetry, uncertainty, and opacity are objective existences. If used well, they can bring generous gains. If used poorly, they can bring huge losses. Can only follow the waves.


We must study asymmetry, uncertainty and opacity if we want to plan combat firepower and grasp the timing of combat. Asymmetry, including global asymmetry, local asymmetry; long-term asymmetry, short-term asymmetry; fixed asymmetry, moving asymmetry; absolute asymmetry and relative asymmetry Sex and so on.

The fundamental purpose of our research and analysis and fine management of asymmetry is to create absolute competitiveness (relative advantage) in important key battles and create victory in market battles. Some business units do not understand the mystery of asymmetric management. They always see the advantage of the opponent, or are dragged by the opponent's advantage, and even frightened by the opponent's advantage. How can they master the battle initiative and Winning the battle victory? Similarly, for the management of uncertainty and opacity, in order to create the absolute competitiveness of important key battles and the victory of creating market battles, we must do research analysis and fine management. On this basis, we can only find the correct direction, goal, path, timing, and whether the art of allocation of resources and capabilities can reach the highest level when we plan combat firepower. It depends on this.

In short, mastering asymmetry, uncertainty, and opacity is a required course to master the art of winning battles! In this course, every business unit leader must pay attention to it. As long as we constantly think about it and apply the summary repeatedly in practice, a lot of high-value innovation, creativity and creativity will surely emerge! There is no end to learning, there are tips to practice; the market is difficult to win, and it ’s hard to think!

Special reminder: The same market, product, team, customer, and resources will be handed over to different people, and the results will be very different. The key is whether you like to think! Firepower is thought out, and victory is also thought out! This is true for the marketing department, as is the non-marketing department! Think hard, go beyond yourself! Come on!

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