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Chigo integrated water heater is better than traditional water heater

Bathing is something that people have to do every day. On the one hand, bathing is a performance that loves cleanliness. If you want to go deeper, taking a beautiful hot bath can release the fatigue of the day, increase blood circulation, help sleep and so on.

So when it comes to taking a bath, the water heater is essential. There are many types of water heaters on the market. Today, Xiaobian will show you their advantages and disadvantages from an objective perspective!


1. Security

Chigo integrated shower screen: Intelligent integrated water heater electric wall safety early warning protection, fully in line with national safety standards, unique and perfect water and electricity isolation protection, to prevent leakage, dry burning, explosion, poisoning and other phenomena, to achieve the true no hidden dangers of the use of water heater electricity.

Traditional electric water heater: anti-leakage protection, anti-overtemperature and anti-overpressure protection; non-hidden design of power cord and body, easy to strike.

2. Experience

Chigo integrated shower screen: hot water is ready to use, zero time waiting, zero discharge of cold water. New comfortable experience in a true five-star hotel.

Traditional electric water heater: the cold water in the pipeline must be drained for washing and bathing, which is not energy-saving, waste of water and inconvenient.

3. Beauty

Chigo integrated shower screen: many styles, high grades, beautiful and fashionable: diverse styles, various panels and colors: organic and unified decoration and practicality, the layout of the bathroom space is more reasonable, and the bathroom decoration grade is improved.

Traditional electric water heater: The appearance is single white or gray, the grade is low, and it is not beautiful. The decorative effect is not strong; the pipeline and power supply are exposed, which seriously affects the appearance.

4. Space utilization

Chigo integrated shower screen: small size, no large bucket, bathroom space layout is more reasonable, and bathing is more comfortable.

Traditional electric water heater: A large bucket is raised, which is crowded and uncomfortable.

5. Installability

Chigo integrated shower screen: simple and convenient, installation and movement is as simple as a washing machine. The installation is environmentally friendly and silent; there is no need to hit the wall, no need to climb, no noise, no dust, and easy to clean.

Traditional electric water heaters: Wall-mounted installations are complicated and expensive, and professionals must make appointments and wait for appointments. It is troublesome; they cannot be moved after the installation, which is inconvenient; the installation process is noisy and disturbing; the dust is too much and annoying.

6. Purchase cost

Chigo integrated shower screen: low, one-time shopping, shower and water heater synchronized in place. High school, low grade and style, flexible choice. Much lower than the price of the same grade shower + water heater, saving time and money.

Traditional electric water heater: high, you have to go to the building materials and home appliances store or website to buy separately; contact delivery and installation separately, the time cost is large, the total purchase price is greater than the same grade integrated water heater.

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