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corporate culture

Brand management

Become a favorite brand in the hearts of global consumers

Adhering to the dream of "making human life better", Chigo is committed to becoming a favorite brand in the eyes of global consumers. Through the quality products we constantly launch, we can improve everyone's quality of life, so as to fulfill our commitments.

Brand core competitiveness

1.Dedicated integrated shower panel manufacturer

2.Vertical integration industry integration

3.Leading growth rate in the industry

4.Good financial reputation of honest enterprises

5.Channel optimization, high turnover rate of goods

Humanistic concern

Harmonious union

Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees and create a harmonious working atmosphere. Chigo  set up trade union, workers' Congress and other organizations earlier, and carried out a series of activities.

Garden habitat

In recent years, Chigo  has built a new garden style staff apartment, as well as swimming pool, Internet bar, culture room, fishing area, fruit farm, farm and other facilities to create a good living and leisure environment for Chigo  people.

Tourism expansion

Every year, in addition to work, Chigo  organizes staff travel, expansion and other activities, alleviates the intense work pressure, and inspires staff's sense of belonging, honor and team spirit.

Literature and art activities

Chigo  also adheres to all kinds of healthy and beneficial cultural and sports activities throughout the year, and hosts dinner parties for 10000 people on New Year's Eve to enrich the life of employees.

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