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     Chigo integrated shower screen project, subordinate to Guangdong Chigo group, is mainly engaged in integrated shower screen products and integrated intelligent bathroom system of Chigo brand. Chigo is a high-end brand in the field of home appliances. It has projects such as Chigo air conditioner, refrigerator washing machine, television, kitchen electricity, integrated shower screen, small home appliances, etc. it has been specialized in the production of home appliances for 25 years. In particular, Chigo air conditioner is a Hong Kong listed company with an annual sales volume of 10 million sets. Its business covers more than 200 countries and regions around the world. It has industrial chain cluster bases such as Foshan, Jiujiang, and the 4th National People's Congress, which has been stable for many years In the forefront of the industry. Chigo integrated shower panel project is headquartered in Chigo Industrial Park, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. It has a R & D technical talent in heating technology and intelligent system, and invests heavily in R & D, manufacturing and sales services of professional Chigo integrated shower panel. Chigo integrated shower screen is a new intelligent shower system integrated with intelligent micro-computer water heater, integrated shower, water purification device, Bluetooth entertainment, heat recovery device and foot massage function. It focuses on providing users with "new enjoyment of healthy shower", and is committed to making every family enjoy the exquisite, comfortable and healthy high-end quality life brought by science and technology 。 CHIGO integrated shower screen will continue to follow the mission of Guangdong CHIGO group to "make human life better and better". We should thoroughly practice the "Internet plus" strategy, adhere to the concept of green protection, and support global energy conservation and emission reduction.


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